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Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks I've rarely read a book where I could feel the chemisty between the characters like I did in this novel! And I've rarely read a book where I loved the main hero this much!


It seems like I read a lot of historical romances these days. But I can't stop reading them! Especially Highlander romances!

I've read amazing reviews for this book before I decided to pick it up myself. And they were all right! Maya Banks really knows how to write romance!

To compare the writing with other historical romance books I've read: I'll be honest - I've read better. At first I couldn't really feel like I was in a Medieval Romance but it didn't take much time for the story to completely devour me. And when it did, I COULD NOT STOP READING!

The romance was absolutely breathtaking! Eveline and Graeme are one of my favorite couples EVER!

I truly recommend this book to every romance and historical romance lover!