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Undead and Unwed

Undead and Unwed - MaryJanice Davidson

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I have to say: this book has nothing I would expect from a paranormal romance novel.

I'm really disappointed! I expected more! SO MUCH MORE! The writing was too simple without any deepness in it. And don't get me started on the grammar mistakes!

Yes, it had romance.

Yes, the characters were nice.

This is how I would describe the whole book. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

As for the "sexy" scenes:

Enough said.

There were a few funny scenes that made me smile but the HUMOR FELT FORCED.

I hated that the heroine was so vain and dumb, but what's even worse: every character in the book thought she was dumb, too. I didn't know if I should laugh or be sorry for her. Seriously.

** 2 stars **