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Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson)

Sixth Grave on the Edge  - Darynda Jones

Another masterpiece in the Charley Davidson series! I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. And it did not disappoint!

Reading a Charley Davidson book for me is like catching up with my best friends. This book has the most amazing characters, the story flows naturally and there is no chance it will bore you.

When it comes to revealing secrets, the book follows the "one step forward, two steps back" pattern. But you know what's funny? WHO CARES? I laughed through the book so many times I lost count, I was excited, I was sad and I fell in love with the characters over and over again. Add some mystery (or a couple actually) to the mix and you get this unique series that will always surprise you. What more to wish for, right?

Sixth Grave on the Edge contains so many funny, witty and swoony lines, it would be impossible to quote all of them.

“I have a perfect body, it's in my trunk.

Charley is more and more crazy, but in the best way possible. I LOVE her humor! And I love her goodness. I love how all the characters seem to gravitate towards her, like she is some magical beacon of light (no pun intended). She is loyal and she would die for her loved ones in a heartbeat.

Reyes Farrow! Oh my goodness, could he be any hotter sweeter? He is dark and edgy, sometimes brooding, but when he appears in his apron... it makes girls faint in the near vicinity.
Reyes is perfect for Charley. He is more reserved, but answers to Charley's witty banter with his own like a pro.

And he seems to make bedroom walls "magically" disappear.

“Reyes. Alexander. Farrow," I said.

Seconds after I spoke his name, Reyes walked into his bedroom, and I looked across the open space directly from my room into his.

He waited for me to continue.

"I feel like there's something missing from my bedroom."

A dimple appeared at the corner of his mouth. "You don't say."

"Any idea what that might be?"

He glanced around my room as well, then shrugged. "I can't imagine."

"Oh, wait," I said, stepping from my room into his, "wasn't there something here? Like, I don't know, a wall or something?"

He looked up. "You could be right. I do seem to remember a barrier of some kind here."

He is also master at severing spines, which is not even that surprising with him being the son of Satan and all. But he makes you love him nevertheless.

While reading the book, I can garantee you will have the biggest grin on your face most of the time, but it will also make you cry a bit.

When the secondary characters appear on the pages, it will make your heart swell. I've never read a book beside this series where I loved ALL the secondary characters as much as the main characters.
Cookie (who is the most loyal friend ever!), Garrett, Angel (we get some back story for him in this book, too), Mr. Wong, Rocket, Uncle Bob, even Strawberry Shortcake! They are all a vital part of these books. Charley has a habit to name everything, from his couch to her car Misery, and I swear, I missed even them!


I still can't wrap my mind around what happened, it was just so unexpected.

CAN'T WAIT for the 7th book to come out!
If you haven't started the series yet, you really should! You are missing out! I recommend to read them in order though, or else some of the actions wouldn't make sense.

***** 5 Reyes Farrow Stars *****