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Reflected in You

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day **2.5 - 3 stars***

To put it mildly...

I'm so disappointed with this sequel! After reading Bared to You and loving it to pieces, I was really excited to start Reflected in You right away. And I wish I didn't.

What I didn't like? Oh, this will be fun to list...

First of all Gideon and Eva's relationship is beyond unhealthy! Not that is wasn't in the first book! It was! But in this book they took it to the extreme!

The story is FRUSTRATING!

Do you think we get to know the characters better?

Yeah, that's right! Zero character development!

So what about story development?

Any revealed secrets?

So you could ask what the book is about. I'll tell you! Nothing! At least the 2/3 of the book is like this:




How they "solved" the problems?


Through the 2/3 of the book we don't get any new details, not about Gideon's past or the secrets he hides so expertly. Nothing!
I swear Gideon has some personality disorder *facepalm*. One minute he is desperate and says he can't live without Eva, the next he ignores her for weeks. And what's even better, when he decides to "love Eva again", she lets it, no questions asked. Or she ask questions, but nobody answers them, and the circle goes around and around.

You know how much I liked Gideon after the first book, but I tell you, now I was rooting for Eva to kick his sexy butt to the curb! And while sometimes Eva really frustrated me, she becomes stronger through this book.

After the nothing-interesting-happens 2/3, the author decided to throw the desperate readers a bone, and FINALLY we get something revealed from Gideon's past and why he is the way he is. But at that point I lost interest so much, it really was a "Whatever" moment :( The last third of the book is more exciting, there are more things happening, but really, it's clear the author just wanted to drag the story. There were like 5-6 chapters which were manageable, the rest... DUH!

I really don't want to spoil the end, I won't, but I have to say this...

If the ending was supposed to be romantic, then I think there is some problem with me, because I was SO NOT OKAY with what happened... you know, I'm talking about THAT scene!!! I was so disappointed it hurts!

Why, oh why????

I'm not saying "Crossfire" to this series, yet. I'm going to read the next book and hope for the best!

**2.5 - 3 stars*** (Still can't decide)