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Falling Into You

Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder UGH! I really don't know what's wrong with me that I don't seem to like all these popular books these days. I was so excited to read Falling Into You!!! So so much! Even if I knew I will cry a lot (which I did) and I don't really like sad stories. It seemed so good, but it wasn't for me :(

But I've learned one thing:


It started out great, up until about the 25% of the book. That's the point when you'll need a lot of tissues, and red puffy eyes are guaranteed! But that was also the point when the WTF moments started!

The story is about Nell and Kyle (and Colton of course). Nell and Kyle are best friends, but after they became lovers.
If you read the synopsis of the book you won't be surprised what's gonna happen,...yes, Kyle's gonna die :(
At this point I still "enjoyed" the book, even when my tears couldn't stop falling.

But soon after I was like

I was shocked how Nell acted at the funeral! She meets Colton and it's insta-love, or insta-sparks! And they kiss the night of the funeral!!!

After that the book went quickly downhill. Sometimes I couldn't keep up with the time jumps, some scenes didn't even made sense, nothing interesting happened and it was over-dramatized! I understand Nell's and Colton's grief, but it was just too much! Really depressing!

*1 tiny stars from me*