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Here Without You

Here Without You - Tammara Webber

Words are not enough to descibe how much I loved Here Without You! It's a beautiful conclusion to the Between the Lines series!

The book continues where the third book, Good For You left off. We get to meet Reid, Dori, Brooke again and also the other characters show up. :)

If you haven't met them yet, let me introduce you to the characters:

Reid Alexander, Hollywood's newest golden boy. He enjoys his celebrity status, partying, drinking and girls...well, up until he meets Dori. (Hint, hint: you must read Good For You if you're curious how their love started!)

Dori Cantrel, humanitarian with strict parents, who shows Reid every day there is more to him than what he let's the world see. Dori has secrets of her own, and on top of that she starts to loose faith after her sister's accident.

Brooke Cameron,... you remember Brooke, right? Remember that manipulative b..tch girl from the second book, who did everything to ruin Graham and Emma's relationship? Yeah, that's her!!!

And guess what! I even liked her in this book! Shocking I know! :) It felt like the characters matured a lot, instead of partying they're facing real problems and they were definitely more likeable!

River, Raid and Brooke's son, who was adopted right after his birth, 5 years ago.

HE MADE MY HEART MELT!!! I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything will be all right! And he is just... look at him! He is adorable!

Needless to say, the book was perfect! At first I thought it will be hard for me to remember all the previous books and characters, but I was wrong! You simply can't forget such beautifully written stories! I was back into it right from line one!

What Tammara Webber did with this book is AMAZING! The story is interesting, there is always something happening and you never get bored! I read the book in one sitting! You just can't put it down! There is a perfect balance between the dialogues and narration! The book is told from 4 POV's: Raid, Dori, Brooke, and a secret character's POV I won't reveal. :D You have to read the book if you want to know!

I'll be honest with you. Reading the last chapters I thought the ending won't be satisfying. I simply wanted to read about these characters forever! I was so scared (yes, scared!) to finish it, I read the same paragraph like ten times! :)

Again, I was wrong! About the ending, I mean! Like the whole book, it was PERFECT!!! It was an excellent closing for the series!

The epilogue? It made me weeping! I cried my eyes out! Saying goodbye to these characters was one of the most difficult things ever!

Favorite quote:

“I used to think of two people in love like that. Like puzzle pieces, fitting together. But it's not like that at all. Love pulls a part of you out, and it pulls a part of him - like taffy, stretching but not separating. The tendrils of each one wrap around the other, until they meld together. One, but not quite. Separate, but not quite.”

Huge thank you for the author for writing such a wonderful book/series!!!

If you haven't started this series yet, here is your chance! Make sure to pick them up asap!

This book deserves all the stars out there!!!
I know the rating here doesn't allow it, but can I give it 6 stars?!?!