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Game. Set. Match.

Game. Set. Match. - Jennifer Iacopelli *4.5 stars*

WOW! I don't even know where to start! I read the book in one sitting, it was that good! Absolutely brilliant!

As you might already know, I love the New Adult "genre", but lately I've been disappointed in so many books, I started to pick out my reads more carefully. New Adult books became sort of a popular thing, and if you watch closely, they mostly have the same theme: some deep drama, highly depressed, tattoed brooding characters, complicated romance, and drama, drama, drama (often unnecessary). A lot of NA books even lack the writing, because the authors focus more on creating drama than actually building up the characters and the story.
But who says a New Adult book has to be dark? That the characters must be depressed, shy, full of fear? That the books has to be full of 18+ scenes? I like reading New Adult because the characters are more mature in age, not because they spend the 75% of the book in bed.

If you're looking for a dark, depressive read that will bring you to tears and make you sobbing, then Game. Set. Match. is not a book for you.

Game. Set. Match. is a book full of life! This book is a fresh breeze in the New Adult genre! The characters instead of being brooding, are likeable and funny, the scenes are realistic. There is romance, friendship, love and disappointment, discipline and hard work, but also family. This book has it all! And on top of it, the book is centered around tennis!

When I read this book I had a feeling I'm not even reading, but watching a movie! The story runs on 3 threads, so we get not 1, not 2, but THREE romances!

The story takes place in North Carolina, the Outer Banks Tennis Academy (OBX), which is the world's most famous and elite training facility for tennis players.

To this Academy comes the 17-old Indiana Gaffney to learn from the best coaches how to become a professional tennis player.

She has a natural talent, so the other girls see her as a rival since the beginning. They are often mean and think of her as an easy target. They're like...

But Indy is not intimidated. She is not the type of girl who runs off and hides in the closet. She is determined to show she is the best and the other girls' viciousness just make her try harder. She soon becomes friends with the Academy's biggest star tennis player, Penny and also meets her hot big brother, Jack Harrison... and the sparks start flying! :D
Where Indy is bold, Jack is reserved, but even he can't ignore the instant bond he feels toward her.

Penny Harrison is very disciplined and wants to become the world's best player.

Penny is preparing for the French Open to beat her biggest rival, the Russian Zina Lutrova. She gets a new training partner, the British bad-boy, Alex Russell. The two of them have a history, so Penny can't loose her focus on the game, even if Alex's presence is like a magnet and makes her feel funny. :)

Penny and Alex are such a lovely couple! I loved watching how they relationship developed! And Alex is so HOT!!!

Jasmine Randazzo tried to measure up to her parents, who were Grand Slam champions, all her life. On top of that she is hopelessly in love with his best friend, the womanizer Teddy Harrison. Jasmine is not an evil character, but she is jealous of the new girl's, Indy's success. And when they have to play against each other,.... all hell breaks loose. :)

Game. Set. Match. is a perfect summer-read! It's refreshing, and instead of crying your eyes out, some scenes will make you smile and fell in love... and melt into a puddle xD

So you could ask why I gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5. Well, because I missed the ending of the book. There wasn't much of a conclusion, it felt like someone cut the tape and suddenly "The End". I would have liked some closure even if the story will (hopefully) continue.

Anyway, I'm dying to read the second book in The Outerbanks Academy series and find out what happens with the characters! Even if you are not a big tennis fan, you will enjoy this book! So don't hesitate and pick it up asap!

****4.5 beautiful, shining stars****