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Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks I was struggling with this book so much!

I think it was partly my fault I didn't like this book more.

I think the "problem" was that I read this book right after I finished the first one, Never Seduce a Scott which I LOVED TOO MUCH and I was missing Graeme and Eveline so deeply that I couldn't relate to these new characters. I also felt uncomfortable "being" with the McHugh clan and I "wanted to go back" to the Montgomery's. I know, it sounds crazy! But I couldn't help it! I kept reading only because I was hoping Graeme would appear in the story at some point.

I was bored with the writing and the storyline. I think the author should have taken more risks because the story felt a little flat.

I didn't like the characters either, especially Genevieve. I think I didn't really learn who she was except for her abusive past. This may be the reason why the romance between her and Bowen felt unbelievable and rushed.

I liked Bowen in the first book a lot! But in this one, it was like he wasn't that strong warrior anymore! He was sulking and brooding through the whole book which frustrated me to no end!

I wish I could give this more stars!

** 2 stars **