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Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks I was struggling with this book so much!

I think it was partly my fault I didn't like this book more.

I think the "problem" was that I read this book right after I finished the first one, Never Seduce a Scott which I LOVED TOO MUCH and I was missing Graeme and Eveline so deeply that I couldn't relate to these new characters. I also felt uncomfortable "being" with the McHugh clan and I "wanted to go back" to the Montgomery's. I know, it sounds crazy! But I couldn't help it! I kept reading only because I was hoping Graeme would appear in the story at some point.

I was bored with the writing and the storyline. I think the author should have taken more risks because the story felt a little flat.

I didn't like the characters either, especially Genevieve. I think I didn't really learn who she was except for her abusive past. This may be the reason why the romance between her and Bowen felt unbelievable and rushed.

I liked Bowen in the first book a lot! But in this one, it was like he wasn't that strong warrior anymore! He was sulking and brooding through the whole book which frustrated me to no end!

I wish I could give this more stars!

** 2 stars **

Worth the Fall

Worth the Fall - Claudia Connor DNF at 24%.

I'm so sorry I coudn't finish this book but it got boring for me too soon.

At the beginning I was really excited to read this because I love reading books with children in them, but in this book there was TOO MUCH attention on the children here and because of that the romance was lacking.

Also I couldn't feel the chemistry between the main characters at all and the children alone were not strong enough to keep this story "alive".

Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks I've rarely read a book where I could feel the chemisty between the characters like I did in this novel! And I've rarely read a book where I loved the main hero this much!


It seems like I read a lot of historical romances these days. But I can't stop reading them! Especially Highlander romances!

I've read amazing reviews for this book before I decided to pick it up myself. And they were all right! Maya Banks really knows how to write romance!

To compare the writing with other historical romance books I've read: I'll be honest - I've read better. At first I couldn't really feel like I was in a Medieval Romance but it didn't take much time for the story to completely devour me. And when it did, I COULD NOT STOP READING!

The romance was absolutely breathtaking! Eveline and Graeme are one of my favorite couples EVER!

I truly recommend this book to every romance and historical romance lover!

The Rosie Effect

The Rosie Effect - Graeme Simsion Okayyy... hmm, where do I start?

Let's start with the thing I found the most disturbing: THIS BOOK HAS ZERO PLOT!

No, I'm not kidding. I wish I was. The only thing (person) that kept this book moving and kept it from being boring was Don!

I've read The Rosie Project in March and I loved it! I kind of expected the same from this book but it seems my expectations were too high again.

Don was just as hilarious in this book as he was in the first one. There were some really funny scenes where I couldn't stop laughing!

But Rosie... it felt like she WAS ABSENT through the whole book!

The "plot":
Don and Rosie have been married for ten months and ten days when Rosie announces she is pregnant. And Don is trying to cope with it.

Yep, that's it. Sadly.

Favorite moment:
Practicly every single time BUD (or B.U.D.) was mentioned.

The writing was great though! I wish there was more happening in the book and I could give it more stars!

*** 3 stars ***

Dream Man

Dream Man - Linda Howard Another masterpiece by Linda Howard! I LOVE her books so much! She really knows how to write a good mystery.

I love reading romantic suspense and Dream Man was really unique! I won't say much more because it's the best if you go into this book blind.

I rated it 4 stars instead of five because I couldn't really feel the deep, romantic connection between Marlie and Dane. BUT IT'S REALLY A MUST READ!

Blood Games

Blood Games - Chloe Neill I can't believe I have to rate this 3 stars, but I must be honest.

Here is the thing:
I don't know where this series is heading anymore. It makes me sad because this is one of my favorite UF series and I LOVE these characters like they were my friends.

The first books all made sense, I believed everything was happening for a reason, but in the last books I felt lost. I felt like the characters were dealing with things that had nothing to do with the actual plot and I suspect it's because the author wants to drag out the story too much.

I feel like Blood Games was about one thing: Ethan being a big baby throwing tantrums every five minutes!

It hurts me to write this, it really does. I LOVE Ethan, Merit, Catcher, Jeff, Luc and every other character in this series! I want them to get back on track!

The Secret

The Secret - Julie Garwood I enjoyed this book A LOT! This is not a big surprise because everything Julie Garwood writes is amazing.

I'm giving this "only" four stars because of the romance. I couldn't really feel the chemistry between Judith and Iain. I can't really put my finger on it, but something was missing.

Other that that, the book was almost perfect! I recommend it to anyone who likes historical romances.

The Invitation

The Invitation - Sloane,  Roxy I admit: this is the hottest prequel story I've ever read!

This said, I think I would have liked it a lot more if there was more attention on the actual plot and characters. Don't mind me, the sex scenes were extremely HOT, but it feels like there was nothing else in the whole book.

I know, it's only 50 pages. But I would have liked to be introduced to the characters, to read a bit more about them. Except that they both slept with more people they could count, I still don't know almost anything about them.

Ash was really hot and seemed like a great guy, but somehow I couldn't "hear" his British accent. It was overwhelming to be in both his and JJ's head (the Prequel is written in both Ash's and JJ's POV) because their brain was filled only with filthy talk, which is sexy but after a time it gets boring.

BUT... I'M INTRIGUED and want to read more, so I'm sure I'll be picking up the next book.

Undead and Unwed

Undead and Unwed - MaryJanice Davidson

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I have to say: this book has nothing I would expect from a paranormal romance novel.

I'm really disappointed! I expected more! SO MUCH MORE! The writing was too simple without any deepness in it. And don't get me started on the grammar mistakes!

Yes, it had romance.

Yes, the characters were nice.

This is how I would describe the whole book. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

As for the "sexy" scenes:

Enough said.

There were a few funny scenes that made me smile but the HUMOR FELT FORCED.

I hated that the heroine was so vain and dumb, but what's even worse: every character in the book thought she was dumb, too. I didn't know if I should laugh or be sorry for her. Seriously.

** 2 stars **

To Die For

To Die For - Linda Howard Hilarious and funny! I couldn't stop smiling while reading this book!

Blair was amazing! It was so much fun to be in her brain!

She was sassy and always said what was on her mind. I laughed a LOT while reading her thoughts.

I'm giving this four stars instead of five because I thought something in the romance was off. I liked Wyatt and I liked him and Blair together, but something was missing. I think their relationship got lost in the humor and everything between them developed too fast. I often felt like they couldn't take even their relationship seriously, I couldn't feel any deep connection between them.

Other than this, the book was really amazing! I recommend it for everyone who likes funny romances with a hint of mystery.

**** 4 stars *****

Open Season

Open Season - Linda Howard DNF at 59%.

This book could have been SO MUCH BETTER if not for the boring and uninteresting heroine, Daisy! The first half of the book was utterly boring and I kept reading only because of Jack. I liked those moments when he was on the pages and I thought everything would be better when these two got together. I was wrong.

The romance between Daisy and Jack was just as unbelievable as Daisy's sudden "ability" to make men fight for her because of her makeover. It was SIMPLY STUPID!

The only positive thing I can say is the writing! It was amazing as always. Linda Howard is truly talented.

Mackenzie's Mountain

Mackenzie's Mountain - Linda Howard This author CANNOT DISAPPOINT! Linda Howard,

Before reading this book I had experienced a smaller reader slump. I tried to read A LOT of books, but I never got past the first chapter. I almost gave up hope when I thought it might be time to read another Linda Howard book. And I was right! Mackenzie's Mountain helped me get through my slump.

*cough* Please, meet Wolf!

“He needed a woman. Bad.”

So what happened with my reading slump? *still eyeing Wolf* Umm, what slump?

I loved this book so much! It had just the right amount of mystery, drama and romance. It was really well-balanced and I LOVED that there wasn't unnecessary drama in it! It was really refreshing.

THE ROMANCE WAS SCORCHING HOT from the beginning and it was my favorite part of the book! The air between Wolf and Mary was sizzling and it was amazing the watch the chemistry between them.

So why the 4 stars instead of five? Because of the predictability of the story. Nothing really surprised me and I figured out the mystery right at the beginning.

I don't think I have to say more, just that you really should read this book! AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING!

****4 stars****


Uncivilized - Sawyer Bennett Oh my...

The book cover is so fitting!

Sawyer Bennett did it again! Uncivilized was unique, well written and I enjoyed every second of it!

Here is how I pictured Zach:

The plot:

Randall Cannon's best friends mysteriously disappeared eighteen years ago in the Amazon along with their seven year old boy. Soon he found out his friends died in illness but he's never heard about what happened with their son.

After eighteen years of searching Randall finally finds his godson and hires Dr. Moira Reed, an anthropologist, to bring him back and to help him back into the modern society.

Zacharias Easton has lived with the Caraican tribe since he was a little boy. His parents were missionaries and after their unexpected death the tribe rised him like their own. When after so many years a stranger appears to bring him back to US he is more than furious. His doesn't want to leave the only life he knows. But he has to.

Zach is intelligent, possessive, stubborn and wild. He doesn't want to be tamed by Moira and forget the customs he followed while he lived in his tribe.

Zach's wild sexuality attracts Moira right away.

He wants to find out about sex in modern society and he wants not only information... he wants to try it.
This is where things get HOT!

It's funny, because when I'm thinking back to this book the one thing that comes to my mind is: SEX! A LOT OF SEX! TOO MUCH SEX!

Yeah, I know. Maybe you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Zach and Moira were going at it like bunnies through the WHOLE BOOK. There was a sex scene in every single chapter! After a while it was just TOO MUCH.

I wish there was a little bit more attention on the plot. After a while the story got lost for me because of the way too many sex scenes.

The other thing why I'm giving this "only" four stars: the TIME JUMPS! They were annoying! The plot jumped forward more days (sometimes even weeks) then after a few paragraphs the characters were thinking back on the time that was left out. It was frustrating to read this way and it made my brain hurt.

**** 4 Uncivilized stars ****

Bonus Scenes - Cam's P.O.V.

Bonus Scenes - Cam's P.O.V. - Samantha Young Yay! I mussed Cam and I wish this Bonus Scene would have been longer. I'll never get tired of reading about him and Jo and Cole and all these characters.

Bonus Scenes - Adam's P.O.V.

Bonus Scenes - Adam's P.O.V. - Samantha Young From the whole series Adam is my least favorite character. I don't really know why is this, but I couldn't connect with his character as much as I did with the others.
This scene from his POV was okay, but it didn't add anything new to the books at all.

Bonus Scenes - Braden's P.O.V.

Bonus Scenes - Braden's P.O.V. - Samantha Young Oh, how much I missed Braden! It was great to read about him again. I enjoyed reading these few scenes from his POV. He is definitely my favorite character in the whole series!