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Uncivilized - Sawyer Bennett Oh my...

The book cover is so fitting!

Sawyer Bennett did it again! Uncivilized was unique, well written and I enjoyed every second of it!

Here is how I pictured Zach:

The plot:

Randall Cannon's best friends mysteriously disappeared eighteen years ago in the Amazon along with their seven year old boy. Soon he found out his friends died in illness but he's never heard about what happened with their son.

After eighteen years of searching Randall finally finds his godson and hires Dr. Moira Reed, an anthropologist, to bring him back and to help him back into the modern society.

Zacharias Easton has lived with the Caraican tribe since he was a little boy. His parents were missionaries and after their unexpected death the tribe rised him like their own. When after so many years a stranger appears to bring him back to US he is more than furious. His doesn't want to leave the only life he knows. But he has to.

Zach is intelligent, possessive, stubborn and wild. He doesn't want to be tamed by Moira and forget the customs he followed while he lived in his tribe.

Zach's wild sexuality attracts Moira right away.

He wants to find out about sex in modern society and he wants not only information... he wants to try it.
This is where things get HOT!

It's funny, because when I'm thinking back to this book the one thing that comes to my mind is: SEX! A LOT OF SEX! TOO MUCH SEX!

Yeah, I know. Maybe you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Zach and Moira were going at it like bunnies through the WHOLE BOOK. There was a sex scene in every single chapter! After a while it was just TOO MUCH.

I wish there was a little bit more attention on the plot. After a while the story got lost for me because of the way too many sex scenes.

The other thing why I'm giving this "only" four stars: the TIME JUMPS! They were annoying! The plot jumped forward more days (sometimes even weeks) then after a few paragraphs the characters were thinking back on the time that was left out. It was frustrating to read this way and it made my brain hurt.

**** 4 Uncivilized stars ****