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Blood Games

Blood Games - Chloe Neill I can't believe I have to rate this 3 stars, but I must be honest.

Here is the thing:
I don't know where this series is heading anymore. It makes me sad because this is one of my favorite UF series and I LOVE these characters like they were my friends.

The first books all made sense, I believed everything was happening for a reason, but in the last books I felt lost. I felt like the characters were dealing with things that had nothing to do with the actual plot and I suspect it's because the author wants to drag out the story too much.

I feel like Blood Games was about one thing: Ethan being a big baby throwing tantrums every five minutes!

It hurts me to write this, it really does. I LOVE Ethan, Merit, Catcher, Jeff, Luc and every other character in this series! I want them to get back on track!