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Mackenzie's Mountain

Mackenzie's Mountain - Linda Howard This author CANNOT DISAPPOINT! Linda Howard,

Before reading this book I had experienced a smaller reader slump. I tried to read A LOT of books, but I never got past the first chapter. I almost gave up hope when I thought it might be time to read another Linda Howard book. And I was right! Mackenzie's Mountain helped me get through my slump.

*cough* Please, meet Wolf!

“He needed a woman. Bad.”

So what happened with my reading slump? *still eyeing Wolf* Umm, what slump?

I loved this book so much! It had just the right amount of mystery, drama and romance. It was really well-balanced and I LOVED that there wasn't unnecessary drama in it! It was really refreshing.

THE ROMANCE WAS SCORCHING HOT from the beginning and it was my favorite part of the book! The air between Wolf and Mary was sizzling and it was amazing the watch the chemistry between them.

So why the 4 stars instead of five? Because of the predictability of the story. Nothing really surprised me and I figured out the mystery right at the beginning.

I don't think I have to say more, just that you really should read this book! AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING!

****4 stars****