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The Bride

The Bride - Julie Garwood

I haven't read many historical romances but Julie Gadwood made me fell in love with this genre.

The Bride was simply BRILLIANT! It was funny, it was witty, it was romantic, it had all the qualities a good romance novel needs to have. I was sucked into the story right from the beginning and it felt like I was living inside the book.

Jamie, the heroine was amazing. I think she is in my top three favorite heroines of all times! She was strong with a gentle and loving heart. Her sense of humor and her innocence were just icing on the cake. Because of her innocence and free spirit she often created - even if unwittingly - funny situations that always made me chuckle.

“She still hadn't caught on. Alec sighed. "Change your gown, Jamie, if that's your inclination. I prefer white. Now go and do my bidding. The hour grows late and we must be on our way."

He'd deliberately lengthened his speech, giving her time to react to his announcement. He thought he was being most considerate.

She thought he was demented.

Jamie was, at first, too stunned to do more than stare in horror at the warlord. When she finally gained her voice, she shouted, "It will be a frigid day in heaven before I marry you, milord, a frigid day indeed."

"You've just described the Highlands in winter, lass. And you will marry me."


Exactly one hour later, Lady Jamison was wed to Alec Kincaid.”

I'm always amazed when an author can create scary-looking, stubborn heros that you can't help but fall in love with.
Alec Kincaid was no exception. He was a fierce looking Highland warrior with a constant frown and questionable attitude, who often seems to value his horses more than women.

Both Jamie and Alec are forced into a marriage that neither of them wants. Alec thinks that his matrimony with Jamie is nothing more than an inconvenience to him that he has to endure to please his king. He is unaware (yet) of Jamie's ability to melt the coldest heart into butter.

The chemisty between them was sizzling hot. Their interactions were entertaining and THE ROMANCE - OH BOY!

If you haven't read any Julie Garwood book before, here is the perfect book to start with! I promise, you won't be disappointed. I can't wait to read every single novel from this author.

***** 5 Highlander stars *****