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Stay With Me

Stay With Me - Sharla Lovelace This was my second novel by this author and I truly think Sharla Lovelace has became my go-to author if I want to read a romance with feelings!

I had a funny "relationship" with Stay With Me. It really sucked me into the story from page one, but as I saw the storyline unfold I thought it will be nothing original .

It seems the author loves the second chance love stories where the hero comes back into the heroine's life after years - in this case ten years. (This was a bit similar to Don't Let Go).

I have to confess: I'm TIRED of those books where the hero saunters back into the heroine's life like nothing happened and he expects her to fall in his arms, declaring her undying love and having sex with him in ten seconds! And the heroine is most of the time still so in love with him AFTER THAT MANY YEARS (kind of unbelievable!) that they - of course - end up living happily ever after.

Well, if you dislike this as much as I do, then I'm happy to announce that Stay With Me will be the story for you (even if it doesn't seem any different at first).

I like reading Sharla Lovelace books because they always make me feel!
This book wasn't different. I felt every emotion, every heartache and it felt amazing!

I so want to hug the author for having the balls to end the book how it ended! It was really brave and not many authors can pull this off.

Beside the good things, they were a few things that bothered me (that's why I give the book "only" four stars):

From reading the blurb, you can already guess there is a love triangle in the book. This didn't bother me. The thing that bothered me was that I did not love either Ian or Duncan. Shocking, I know. Both of them were panty-dropping hot, but Ian was too immature for his age and I can't put my finger on it why, but something was off with Duncan. Maybe because I thought that he was such a sweet guy (which he was at first) but later he acted like a completely different person.

It was great to read the book from Savanna's pov but sometimes her actions didn't make sense and frustrated me to no end. I didn't like how she let Ian back into her life, but I LOVED how she didn't hide that he hurt him. I admired her honesty.

If you like well-written romances, you should give a try to this book!

**** 4 almost perfect stars ****