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Neurotica - Eliza Gordon After reading and loving Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon, it was no question that I had to read Neurotica as soon as possible. It seems my expectations were too high though. This book could have been so much better if not for the romance and if the book was not filled with the same old elements I've read in almost every romance novel.

The good:
The opening scene was hilarious! It made me excited to continue reading. I loved Jayne and her funny way she sees the world.

The bad:
LUKE! He is one of those characters whose name I forget the second I close the book. I just couldn't feel his passion or the chemistry between him and Jayne.
Other than that, he was the biggest hypocrite and the "drama" in the book was not at all necessary. It ruined the book for me.

The other thing is, it was unrealistic how Jayne's issues magically disappeared when she was with Luke and I hated how she found something "gross" in all the other male characters.

I'm so sad because I really like Eliza Gordon's writing style and this story had so much potential!

** 2 stars **