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Six of Hearts

Six of Hearts - L.H. Cosway I can't believe I had to rate this book "only" 3 stars after it being one of my most anticipated reads this year.

I love L.H. Cosway's writing! I couldn't wait to read Six of Hearts when I found out it has a magician in it. I thought it was really unique and intriguing. And it truly was if I don't count the romance.

Jay reminded me of Darcy Oake from this year's Britain's Got Talent!

Six of Hearts would have been a PERFECT book if not for two things:

1) The mystery
IT WAS SO BORING! Also it was frustrating that we had to wait 'til the end to find out what was going on with Jason and his "big" secrets.
The author could have sold this problem pretty easily if at least a few scenes would have been written in his POV. Just saying.

2) The romance
I HATED the old boring I'm-the-shy-and-obedient-heroine-and-I don't-question-anything theme I've read in so many books already that I lost count!!!

This is pretty much how it went:

I couldn't stand it! It ruined for me the whole experience!

***3 sad stars***