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Unmasked: Volume 2

Unmasked: Volume 2 - Cassia Leo

It was miles better than Volume One! The writing was engaging and it cleared some things up about who was who in the book.

The only thing I had an issue with was the main character, Alex. I didn't understand her actions.

I think she is not entirely clear in the head, sorry. She escapes to an island and the first thing she does is hook up with her neighbour?

I didn't trust Nick for a second and I guess Alex didn't either, so WHY she had to sleep with him? It was stupid!

Then she goes and kills 2 people?!?!?!

I seriously need to know how she became this person who wasn't even fazed by her killings. She acted like it was nothing! Wasn't she the girl who spent almost all her life in a basement? I don't get it, I really don't.

But as I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed this Volume more than the first one because it was less overwhelming, but still kept me on edge. We even get to read the story from a different person's POV for awhile. I LOVED that! We FINALLY find out what really happened in the first volume and why.

THAT ENDING!!! I need the next Volume now!

****4 stars****