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More Than Music

More Than Music - Elizabeth Briggs 2.5 stars

Another story where I liked the first half a lot and the second half bored me.

The good:
1) The writing was great! It was what hooked me right on the first page.
2) The storyline. It was unique and interesting. I haven't read a story with a talent reality show in it.

The not so good:
1) The main characters. I rarely read a book where I liked the story but not the main characters and the romance between them.

Maddie is not my favorite heroine. I like if they are strong and feisty, and Maddie was quite the opposite. She appeared most of the book weak and running from all of her problems, hiding if someone hurt her instead of opening her mouth and telling them off.

Jared was supposed to be a bad boy, a rock star. He was none of that. It wasn't believable that one look at Maddie and he falls in love so much he abandons all his previous playboy behaviour. It was unreal!

The romance between those two was mild and I couldn't feel any chemistry whatsoever. When I finished the book, I was like: "Um, what was the name of that guy, something starting with a J...". Jared was sweet, but nothing memorable.

2) The back stories. I really missed the deepness to this story. There were almost no back stories to the characters, we just get some glimpses into their families but it was almost nothing.

Sorry, but I couldn't give it more than 2.5 stars.