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Legal Affairs - Confessions of a Litigation God

Legal Affairs - Confessions of a Litigation God - Sawyer Bennett I read the Legal Affairs series back in April and I loved them all. So you can imagine my surprise when two days ago I noticed that there was a book out from Matt's POV. Needless to say, I had to have it immediately.

Please take the warning in the blurb seriously before reading.
Matt Connover is not just the king of courtrooms, but the bedroom as well. There are a LOT OF hot scenes in this book!

Burnt by love in the past, Matthew Connover is very cautious when it comes to trusting other people. He is caring and passionate, but all for only one night. You see, Matt doesn't do relationships. He is arrogant and has a blown up ego, but he is a master at turning women into a puddle with just one single touch.

He is a lawyer, so he is also intelligent and witty.

McKayla Dawson was supposed to be only a one night stand. She never expected that her simple "Yes" to a date with Number 134 would turn out to be the best night of her life. He told her to call him Mike. And that was enough. It was for one night only.

But fate has other plans for them. They meet again when Matt's firm takes over the law firm Mac is working at. As they start to know each other, Number 134 and Number 3498 disappear and they become simple Mac and Matt, two young people who both work hard to develop a relationship despite their not so happy past.

This book has everything. Funny banter, sexy scenes, love and heartbreak. Even if I've read the book from Mac's pov already, the book was far from boring! I was happy to explore Matt's head and what he was thinking.

I have to admit though, about halfway through the book being inside Matt's thoughts became a bit frustrating and I wish he would have made a decision what he wanted. I didn't like to see Mac hurting so much and Matt letting this going on and off through the whole book.

Other than this, the book was really amazing! I can't get enough of these characters and I truly recommend this book and the Legal Affairs books for everyone who loves a good romance story!

**** 4 stars ****