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Monster in His Eyes

Monster in His Eyes - J.M. Darhower

And the award for the DUMBEST heroine ever goes toooooo *drum roll* Karissa.

What did I just read?! I've read so many good reviews for this book I was very excited to start it. I was wrong... again.

First of all, the story bored me. I expected some dark, sexy romance, and all I've got is a stupid heroine, a hero whose whole vocalbury is "Huh" and characters who don't do much more than eating, having sex and watching movies through the whole book! Frustrating doesn't even cover it!

Let's start with the 19 year old heroine, Karissa Reed. You wouldn't think someone could be so stupid and naive as she was despite being a college student! Seriously!

Dear Karissa,
If a man (twice your age) tells you he is a bad person, please believe him.
Don't fell in love with him in ten minutes after meeting him, and let him buy you expensive clothes and dinner knowing nothing about him.

... and, please don't believe him if he tells you he loves you after almost choking you to death during sex.

Karissa, you should have listened to your overprotective momma and never move to the "big city". Period.


Ignazio Naz Vitale, mysterious, rich and he admits being a bad person who "deals with people" (insert WARNING BELLS here, which apparently our dear heroine couldn't hear).

He is also a stalker and pops up unexpectedly all the time EVERYWHERE...

... and always has some business at funny hours of the night.

Yeah, Karissa, I'm sure he is exaggerating *rolls eyes*.

I actually liked Naz more than I liked Karissa. He found a young girl she fell in love with him immediately, who let him use her as a rag doll in bed and who didn't question him about his "job" EVER... , yeah, he would have been a fool not to take advantage of the situation. Even if he supposedly loved her, I never really felt it. The chemistry between them was non-existent.

The story was quite predictable and there wasn't any surprises for me, though it picked up at about 75%, but at that point I lost interest in the book completely.

You know why I kept reading even if I was struggling with it from the beginning? I SO wanted to "see" Karissa's face when she discovers who Ignazio really is!

I really feel like the book wasn't about much, and we don't even get the whole back story of Naz.

I won't read the sequel I'm sure of it. I'm actually really sad I didn't like the story, because the writing was good and the author has potential.

** 2 stars **