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Sweet Thing

Sweet Thing  - Renée Carlino DNF at 47%

I can't even remember the last time I had to DNF a book!

It started out great and I thought I'm gonna like it. Big mistake!

Let's start right with the characters, especially the heroine, Mia. I hated her! I can't even believe how much she annoyed me!

She was judgemental, shallow and made bad decision after bad decision without thinking of the consequences.

Will. At first I loved his easy-going personality. I loved that he was always smiling and was kind and thoughtful. But soon it became too much. He was pouting through the book (at least up 'til the part I've read) and I was annoyed with him as well.

Another thing I hated: the big time jumps. The book often seemed like nothing interesting was happening. The characters talked a few sentences with each other, then for weeks, months, nothing!
Every time I saw words like "over the next two weeks..." I wanted to smash my reader to the wall. It was so frustrating!

I don't really understand how this book got so many 5-star reviews.

If you decide to read it anyway, well...

* 1 star (DNF)*