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Nowhere but Here

Nowhere but Here - Renée Carlino
“To exist in each other’s souls so strongly that you are bound without a physical tie is the greatest mark of love. . .”

It was a long time ago I've read a New Adult book as romantic and sweet as Nowhere but Here.

There are a few reasons why I loved it so much:.

1. The setting! Napa Valley!!! How romantic it is?!?! I loved the setting, the vineyards, down-to-earth people, the vine and all the beautiful sunsets. It was the perfect setting for this story! A part of the story is in Chicago, which I liked as well.

2. Jamie The characters. Okay, who am I kidding here. It's Jamie! He is such a wonderful person, I loved him to pieces! It's so rare to have a male leading character in a book who is as naturally sweet and simply a good guy as him. And on top of it he is sooo hot! I mean, look at him!

And he says the sweetest things ever without it being cliché or cheesy. I want a Jamie in my life.

“Love is a thing that you can’t take out of you. Once it’s there, it doesn’t go away, no matter what. Love can morph into hate and resentment, but it will always be there, buried under the bad feelings.”

The story in a shell: Kate Corbin, journalist, gets her biggest assigment at a famous Chicago newspaper: to make an interview with the enigmatic billionaire, R.J. Lawson who owns a vinery at the world's most famous vine country and makes everything to avoid public attention.

Kate's past refuses to let her go. She lost her "spirit", and desperately wants to belong and be among people who love her.

“I’ve been looking for the same thing most of us are looking for.”
“What’s that?”
“Someone to come home to.”

At Napa Valley she finally feels free. Free to feel, free to dream and free to fell in love. She meets Jamie, who works at the vineyard and he slowly manages to heal the deep wounds on her heart.

“If you fall, let him catch you.”

Nowhere but Here was really amazing and I truly recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance.

***** 5 big stars *****