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Mud Vein

Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher Okay, I hate to say this and maybe you're going to hate me for saying this, but Mud Vein was not what I expected!

I was so excited to pick up this book, I was high on anticipation and expected to read a story that will make my emotions be all over the place. It never happened! I read through the whole book with a blank face, there were no tears, no laughter, nothing.

The darkness of the story didn't bother me at all, quite the opposite: I was expecting more! I've read The Opposition by Tarryn Fisher before and I was an emotional mess while reading it, and I loved it! I love it when I feel the book. But not just I didn't feel Mud Vein, but it often bored me and I can't remember any memorable scenes even if I just finished it.
The characters were okay, which is a sad thing that they were "just okay"! I didn't hate them, but didn't love them either.

The only reason I'm giving it 2 stars instead of one is the writing! The writing is great, just like everything by Tarryn Fisher.