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Soul Screamers, Volume Four: With All My SoulFearlessNiederwaldLast Request

Soul Screamers, Volume Four: With All My SoulFearlessNiederwaldLast Request - Rachel Vincent Volume Four contains:

˙ With All My Soul (Soul Screamers #7) - full-length novel

+3 novellas:
˙ Fearless
(a prequel novella from Sabine's POV) - previously published in the Kiss Me Deadly anthology, but with a new ending

˙ Niederwald (a novella from Sabine's POV, set between My Soul To Steal and If I Die)- previously published in the Enthralled anthology

˙ Last Request - A BRAND-NEW NOVELLA from Nash's and Tod's POV, set NOT AFTER THE 7th book but it's rather a part of book 7 just from a different POV


Let me start with a question:
Have you read the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent?

If yes:

If not:

If you haven't read this series yet, you're seriously missing out! I've read many paranormal books, I've read many Young Adult paranormal books, but let me tell you: NONE OF THEM WERE AS AMAZING AS THIS SERIES!

The Soul Screamers books are really unique, intriguing but here are a few warings before reading them.
Be careful because these books will:
- make you obsessed
- make you laugh
- make you cry
- grab you from line one and won't let you go until you read the last page

I've read all the seven books already, so I mostly picked up Volume Four for its brand-new novella, Last Request. I was surprised to see that I haven't read Fearless either, so I was happy to read that one as well. I also read the third novella even if I've read that one before.

All three of them were amazing, but I'm gonna write longer about Last Request.


I missed Tod and Nash terribly! I was so happy to read this novella from their POV I almost burst into tears. It was like seeing my friends after a long time.

Oh, TOD...Be still, my beating heart!

I missed his sarcasm! I missed his humor. I missed everything about him. In this short novella he managed to make me laugh and cry like a baby. I loved it!

Before I started reading I thought this novella would take place after the last book and I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't. But I loved it anyway (of course!).

After finishing all the novellas I needed to read the ending of With All My Soul one more time and it was just as perfect as when I read it a year ago.

Thank you for this experience, Rachel Vincent!

***** 5 HUGE stars for this Volume and the whole series *****