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Breakable - Tammara Webber Easy made me dream and walk on clouds, Breakable pulled me back to the ground, but made me fell in love with Lucas all over again anyway.

I'm surprised. And, a bit confused about how to write this review.
Many of you might know I LOVED Easy - I've read it five times and planning on reading it again soon. It has been always close to my heart, and it's THE BOOK I always mention when anyone asks me what my favorite contemporary romance is.

Lucas in Easy made me fall head over heals for him, his presence in the book was like a favorite security blanket that was always there helping and supporting you in case of need.

I had never read a book written in different POV before this one. I had been always wary because most of those books sound just like "the original" story, and most of the time it feels like you are not reading from a different POV at all.

Well, Breakable is not one of those books. I was positively surprised to hear Lucas's voice from the pages. At first it was awkward because I didn't know what to do with it. I wasn't used to his voice. In Easy he doesn't have long dialogues, he is rather laid-back, and we have to judge him because of his actions and his generous, big heart. So it was "weird" that in Breakable he is "talking" so much.

As I mentioned this already, Lucas's story grounded me and made me see the happenings in Easy in a different light. My questions and curiosity regarding his thinking and actions in Easy got answered and in those moments I had the biggest grin on my face saying "I knew it!". My love for these characters made me read those lines several times because I wanted to cement all the scenes in my mind forever.

Breakable is written in "two" POV's:

Lucas, the sexy, tattooed and PERFECT loving hero we got to know in Easy...

...and Landon, Lucas's teen-self, before he found his way back to "living" after the tragic death of his mother.

Landon's parts were heartbreaking, Lucas's parts made me swoon and fell in love with him over again.

*sigh* Now onto the slightly negative things:

1.) Without being obsessed with reading Easy and loving it so much I think I wouldn't have liked Breakable the way I did. I think this book was more about making readers understand Lucas's actions through Easy, which is great, but it took away a bit of the "magic" of Jacqueline and Lucas falling in love with each other and their heartwarming interactions. For example, I LOVED the email exchanges in Easy between Jacqueline and Landon over the economy project with a hint of their flirting. But in Breakable those emails are mostly summarized or quoted with a few words, and for me it didn't give the same feelings.

2.) I liked reading Landon's POV and getting to know what made him the cautious but gentle and loving guy he was in Easy. But sometimes the details were too much, and I don't mean the sad parts here. It felt disappointing to read about his past hook-ups in such detail while a few lines after we see Lucas interact with Jacqueline. Again, it took away the "magic" of their falling in love that was present in Easy.

I can't help but give Breakable 5 stars anyway because it was really amazing. (And I might be biased a bit because how much I loved Lucas in Easy).
It might be another question what rating I would give without loving Easy, but I just can't separate the two properly. So 5 stars it is. :)

***** 5 stars *****