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Fighting Fate

Fighting Fate - Linda Kage Beautiful and heartbreaking! This book has it all! A must-read!

I love Linda Kage's writing style! After reading and loving [b:Price of a Kiss|17833099|Price of a Kiss|Linda Kage||24951197], I immediately knew it won't be the last book I've read from this author! And after reading the blurb for Fighting Fate, I was so intrigued, I had to start it right away and it did not disappoint!

Imagine staring college far from home, trying to start a "new life". But fate is a sneaky bastard and forces you face to face with the only person on Earth you want to avoid forever: the person who murdered your brother.

That's exactly what happens in this book with Paige Zukowski, who is just starting her freshman year at Granton University. She planned to start fresh, to have the future her brother would have liked for himself. But life has other ideas. She is forced to face her past and all the hurt she had to endure because of the very guy who killed his big brother.

Logan Xander is hurting as well since that dreaded day the tragedy happened. He is popping up at every place Paige is going, even though he tries to avoid her at all costs.

And what if there is much more to "the murderer" than you thought?

What if you are slowly falling in love with him?

Well, that's your task to find out by reading this book! It's filled with emotions and I fell in love with the characters. I felt Paige's pain and her uncertainty in her feeling for Logan. The writing was simply amazing and I couldn't put the book down! It grips you from page one!

Why 4 stars and not five?
My only "problem" regarding the book was, that one moment Paige hated Logan, the next she forgave him. It happened too quickly and it was a bit unreal for me.

**** 4 beautiful, emotional stars ****