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Cut & Run

Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban *sigh* How do I review this book?!?! It's hard! Especially because I LOVED the first half of it, but sadly not the other half.

FBI Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are paired together on the “Tri-State case” to catch the serial-killer in New York City. Where Ty is arrogant, cocky, Zane is serious, focused. They're the total opposites, so needless to say how "happy" they were to work together. Hate at first sight!

“Ty Grady was a rude, insufferable, egotistical, stinking son of a bitch, and Zane was going to figure out how to tune him out. Otherwise, he just might give in to the pressure and kill the bastard, for the good of humanity.”

The serial-killer case becomes more and more difficult to solve. The killer chooses his victims seemingly random, so it's almost impossible to decipher his next move. When two federal agents get killed, the case becomes even more serious.

The two FBI agents have to figure out the killer's pattern before the murderer strikes again, all of it while fighting their attraction for each other.

First the things I LIKED:

The CHEMISTRY between Ty and Zane...!!!! The romance was the best part of the book, hands down!

“Zane swallowed hard as he slid his hand to take Ty’s and lace their
fingers together. “Are you feeling this, too?”

“Ty’s jeans were totally soaked and clung to him like a second skin, and Zane had to swallow hard. Jesus. “Good luck getting out of those gracefully,” he rasped with a slight smile, still leaning against the wall.

“Good luck thinking for the next hour,” Ty shot back with a smirk.

“Shit,” Zane muttered, turning into the spray to wash before leaning and shutting the water off.”

Simply LOVED the banter and sarcastic comments between these two!

“Are you getting hysterical?” Ty asked eagerly. “Can I smack you?”

“You’re just a big softy,” he taunted.
“The last person said that to me got Viagra in his coffee next morning,” Ty warned seriously.”

“Zane was starting to piss him off again. Which was good, he supposed. It meant the urge to lick him all over was passing, at least.”

Now the things I DIDN'T LIKE:

As I said up until the 50% the story was AMAZING! I enjoyed every second of it! But after that, like BOOM, it went downhill! I don't even know what happened! It was like I was reading a completely different book with different characters!

I was bored out of my mind!

What happened with Ty and Zane??? They were not the same anymore! It's like they were brain-washed. Zane became arrogant, brooding, and most of the time he was so annoying I wanted to smack him upside down his head. And Ty? On, my! He was scared to say his mind, because he didn't want to hurt Zane's feelings. *my brain is crying* He was like a big confused baby.

The mystery aspect! I love reading mystery books and trying to solve the crimes alongside the characters! ([b:Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden|7662223|Deadly Fear (Deadly, #1)|Cynthia Eden||10253426] is an amazing example of it! Highly recommend that book, seriously!!!)

I actually figured out the killer's identity sooner than the whole FBI department in the book did! I even got the pattern of the murders!

When at the end they (finally) figured it out, I was like

The other thing is, I couldn't really feel the mystery in this book! It was more about Ty and Zane's fighting, brooding than the actual case. It was a huge buzz kill. :(

The book is written from both Ty's and Zane's POV, which is great, but sometimes the pov's changed so frequently I couldn't keep up!

All in all it wasn't a bad book, but it wasn't great either, especially the second half. :(

*** 3 tiny stars ***