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Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property - Joanna Wylde Another book everybody seems to like but me.

I can understand the appeal, I guess. Sexy, possessive hero, steamy scenes etc. etc. but for me this book wasn't either sexy nor appealing.

Guess what is the name of the male hero of the book?

Yeah, that's right, HORSE!
I guess it was supposed to be a sexy name, and I'm sorry but I burst our of laughing every single time I heard it!
Horse?! Really?! *snort-laugh*

Horse is part of the Motorcycle Club called Reapers, he is possessive and arrogant and when he wants something, he takes it.

“So why are you called Horse?"
"Cause I'm hung like one.”

Marie is our good-ol' naive heroine. *rolles eyes* She wants to appear strong, but she can't say no to anything and her actions were just pathetic! Sorry, but it's true. She falls head-over-heals over a man (yes, Horse) who treats her like a property. Horse is a violent a-hole! There, I said it!

There isn't rape in the book, per se. Horse is not forcing Marie to anything physically, but he's forcing her to a situation and it's almost that bad, trust me.

Marie's brother has some business with the Reapers, and after stealing from them, either they kill him, or blood for blood: Marie has to "sacrifice" herself and go and play house with Horse. Insert another eye roll here, please.

But fear you not! Little poor Marie is all googly-eye over Horse and despite his behavior, she can't think of anything else just the mind-blowing orgasms he can give her.

Her "sacrifice" I can understand, because she really loves her brother, but I don't get how she could fall for Horse!

She is just so... *ugh* I don't even have words for it!

When she drunk-texts, it's hilarious, though. xD

"Marie: Horse, muss yu
Marie: Why dont anser?
Marie: Horse like yur name. Horsey. I'd like to rid u horsey, LOL. You sleeping? Or busy with someone?
Marie: I know yur there. I bet you got a new gurl alredy. Screw you.
Marie: Screw you and your slut. I hate you. Take yur club and shove it up yur ass I wudn't be yoor old lady for ten milion dollrs.”

It's really sad, because I liked the writing and the author's definitely got potential! It's just these characters... I couldn't sympathize with any of them, sorry. :(

** 2 itsy-bitsy stars **