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Fix You

Fix You - Mari Carr
“Promise you’ll never let go of my hand?”
He kissed her. It was the easiest vow he’d ever made. “Promise.”

Fix You is one of the most beautiful books about friendship I've ever read!

It's so well written, every line felt real! I want to read this book over and over again!

Zoey has been in love with Robbie since forth grade. They never parted ways even after graduation and became roommates.

Rob always dreamed about becoming a famous rock star. He plays guitar, can sing and songwriting is his big passion. He is on tour with his band when comes the phone call from Zoey. Even if she is only calling to wish him good luck, Rob knows there is something Zoey isn't telling him. He immediately leaves the tour and books a flight home to check on her.

When he finds Zoey with puffy eyes and surrounded with tissues, he knows something serious happened.

The girl tells him she has a lump in her breast and needs immediate treatment. Instead of going back to the tour, Rob stays with Zoey so they can fight cancer together.

"We're going to get through this, I promise. We'll do it together."

“As he looked at Zoey, the priorities he’d always set for himself fell away, leaving just one. One thing that mattered to him.

True to his promise, Rob stays with her and despite the illness he makes her smile and think positive.

Rob thinks it's time to confess to Zoey he is in love with her. Life is too short to have such secrets between them.

"A few months with Robbie is better than a lifetime with anyone else."

The book is short, but it's not rushed. I loved that there is no unnecessary drama in it like in many other romance books. It teaches us appreciate every little thing in life.

Zoey's and Rob's love is gentle, beautiful and they friendship effortlessly transfers into deeper feelings.

This book is really emotional! You'll need a lot of tissues, so be prepared! :)

*whispers* But do not worry, there is a happy ending. :)

Fix You is the first book I've read from the author, but definitely not the last!

***** 5 huge stars *****