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Something Great

Something Great - M.  Clarke It's a miracle I managed to finish this book!

I was so excited before I started reading! I liked the blurb, loved the cover and even the first few chapters were great! But then it went quickly downhill. I can't even count how many times I was on the brick of giving up! The one thing I don't understand: How this book got so many 5-star ratings???

First of all, the story is NOTHING ORIGINAL!
Shy and introvert Jeanella Mefferd, a.k.a. Jenna meets the rich, womanizer, Maxwell Knight, they fall in love, blah, blah, blah...

I was confused! It felt like I wasn't even reading a book meant for Adults/New Adults. The characters acted like children! Sometimes it was amusing, but mostly it was extremely annoying!


Jenna was hilarious (in a bad way)! .. and most of the time her actions and words didn't make sense! xD

Oh my Gosh, how do I describe her? She didn't do anything else, but...

... tripped

... giggled

... chuckled

... tripped again!

... and again!

THROUGH THE WHOLE BOOK!!! I'm not even kidding! :( I was sure she must have had some serious medical condition at that point! She fell down, giggled, blushed like crazy, often did the three together. It was annoying to no end!

You may ask, "And what about Maxwell?"! Well, in a way these two matched! They were both annoying.

You would think Max was really a bad-boy in the book, right? A charming, enigmatic, sex-on-the-legs? WRONG! He was like a big baby!

He squealed and giggled...

He was a Rice Krispie Treat Houdini!
"...he had molded it into the shape of the heart." LOL

...he talked with his "naughty hand". LMAO

... and he used words like lunch buddies and cuddle buddies TOO MUCH. Maybe he thought it was funny! Well, Max, it wasn't!


It was too cheesy, too dramatic, too this-doesn't-even-makes-sense, too everything! *sigh*

When Jenna drinks a glass of wine (despite her being allergic to alcohol), she instantly turns red like a lobster. It was a bit unrealistic.

Then she opens her mouth and says things like:

"After this drink, I won't be able to think or...feel."

LOL!! It made me think of Snow White before she eats the poisonous apple!

Seriously, who says things like that?!?!


"I felt so hot that I wanted to take his shirt off."
LMAOOOOOO What, again? She was hot and wanted to take HIS shirt off??? How it would have helped? LOL

And guess how she knows Max is special?

"Giggling inwardly, I thought about how many times Max had to take my finger out of my mouth. Oddly, I never had the urge to put my finger in my mouth with Luke."

Oh Jenna, Jenna! *facepalm*

Needless to say, the book was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT for me!

I don't want to discourage anyone to read it. Anyway, if you do...

* 1 little star from me *