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Beauty from Surrender

Beauty from Surrender - Georgia Cates After loving the first book so much, I started Beauty from Surrender right after. It's a great read! *whispers* I liked the first book a lot more, though.

I've read a lot of readers "complain" that it was like the characters were not even the same we got to know in the first book, and it's sadly true. I still enjoyed the story, but it was like the characters were not even Jack Henry and Laurelyn. Or maybe it was the setting, I don't know. I really liked Australia in the first book!

Jack Henry is acting like a kicked puppy most of the time, he is whinny and far from the strong, dominant male lead I fell in love with in Beauty from Pain, and Laurelyn ...well, there were times she frustrated me to no end.

As I said, the story was still great and I liked it, but I did not love it.


**** 4 stars **** (I can't give it less, I loved the series too much!)