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The One

The One - Kiera Cass (Surprisingly) I LOVED the conclusion of the series and I'm really sad it's over!

After the second book, The Elite I had my doubts about the third book. That's why I haven't started The One right after the release. The previous books were very confusing when it came to feelings, especially on America's side. I remember clearly the frustration I felt when I loved Maxon one minute then he did something and I was suddenly rooting for Aspen, and this went on and on. To be honest, I blamed it all on America who was very indecisive and I hated to be in her head and experience all her childish behaviour.

I'm happy to say this third book made me a lot less angry! It was calmer somehow and I was glad to feel that America finally knew what she wanted and what she was feeling (sort of). On the other hand I did not trust her at all and I felt like she was going to change her mind a few minutes later. It ruined the experience a little bit.


Now onto why I'm giving it "only" 4 stars:

Sometimes I had a feeling everything happened way too fast and it was wrapped up without any real conclusion. Yes, we find out who was Prince Maxon's choice, but when it came to all the other things (their political situation, the rebels etc.) NOTHING was closed up and it felt really unsatisfying this way.

The other thing I missed was the characters' passion. Even when I was frustrated with America in the previous books I loved that she was so passionate.

I expected more from Maxon, too. I expected from him to open up more this being the final book and all, but except a few sweet scenes he was just as formal as in book one and two.
Though I've always liked Maxon I had my doubts that he would be a good king. I often saw him as an underdog because he always did what other people told him to do. He has yet to prove me wrong because as I mentioned, the book ended with no conclusion on things other than the romance.

And WHERE WAS ASPEN through the whole book??? I mean, he was there in the background but it was like he wasn't even present. I couldn't understand this after reading his thoughts in The Guard and how he was head over heals for America and was so sure that she loved him back.

“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”

****4 stars****