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Metamorphosis - Erin Noelle I just finished reading a few minutes ago and I have to say I'm so disappointed with this book! Was struggling through it and almost DNF!

The plot started out slow and boring, but I was determined to give it a chance and kept reading...

I'm double disappointed, because I think the idea of the plot was really, really good! It was just presented somehow badly :(

Well, let's see what the plot is actually about. There is a girl, namely Scarlett MacGregor, who never had a life before because of her over-controlling parents. It all starts when she and her best friend, Evie start attending college and Scarlet finally feels free to experience all the things her life lacked before.

This is where it gets FRUSTRATING INTERESTING...

Scarlett starts going out and she meets boys, and hooks up with them...

Not 1! Not 2! But 3!!!!

EXACTLY! Let's count, shall we:

There is ASH, who she meets before a party at a friend's house. Insert insta-love here! She sees him, looks into his eyes and knows he is her soul mate! *rolls eyes* Ash is hot, typical bad-boy, who has more women around him than someone can count, and - of course - he likes the attention and sleeps with most of them. In my opinion he was rather creepy than sexy, but anyway...

Then there is DYLAN, the "good boy", All-American style, who is nice and lovely, but wants nothing more than a weekly make-out session from Scarlett.

The third is MASON, "Rat" as his friends call him (WHUTTTTT?????? Seriously? UGH!). He is a rock star with a husky voice, tattoos, and girls drooling over him. Yep! But despite his horrible nick name, I think he was the only lovable character in this book!

Now back to Scarlett. She develops a great (*insert sarcastic smile here*) schedule with the boys: on Friday she is with Mason to experience "sex without sex", on Saturday she is dating Dylan, and the same night she sleeps in Ash's bed and they pretend to be best friends.

No! I'M NOT!

Okay, I'm gonna stop, because I don't want to spoil the whole storyline if you decide to read it.

One more thing though:

I know every book needs a little drama, but ... UGH!


At one point the author decided to kill off a character. WITHOUT REASON! I'm not kidding! One minute the person was there, the next booom, DEAD! Just like that! WHAT???? What was the point? For the sake of drama? I don't really get it!

Soooo, for me the book was boring, full of bad decisions and dialogs.
Do I regret picking it up? No, I'm not. Even if I didn't like it, I think you can learn from every book, bad or good.

*1 STAR* from me, sorry!