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Deeper We Fall

Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron *3.5 stars*

I really liked this book! After reading My Favorite Mistake from Chelsea (That book ROCKED my world!) I knew I need to pick up this one, too. And I was not disappointed. I did not enjoy it that much, but it was still okay and I couldn't put it down.

A little bit about the plot:

Lottie Anders is starting college, she is ready to escape her past and try to start a new life. Two years back her best friend was involved in a car accident and suffered a serious brain injury. Lottie feels guilty and she tries to balance her life and still be close to her best friend. Starting her freshman year at college she doesn't know yet how hard it will be moving forward. Because the two brothers, Zan and Zack, who are responsible for the car accident are also attending the same school. This is where it gets complicated. They can't avoid each other, their path crosses on regular basis, so Lottie has to deal with her past every day.

The two brothers couldn't be more different. Zack is cruel, cocky and selfish. Zan rarely speaks, likes reading, music and he's been in love with Lottie for ages. He can't keep his distance from her even now, he bumps into her all the time and Lottie starts to realize she doesn't hate him as much as she thought she did.

The plot of this book was well written and interesting. The romance develops gradually and we get to know all the characters.

There were a few things I didn't like that much:
First of all I think the book was more Katie's (Lottie's roommate) and Zack's story than Lottie's. Maybe I think that only because I didn't like Katie that much, but I noticed she was more in the center of the attention than the main characters.

The other thing is, I couldn't really relate to any of the characters. When I'm reading a book I like to fall in love a bit and it didn't happen this time. Zan is a great boy, but I did not like him. Somehow he stayed a dark, brooding character through the whole book.

What I did like, were the secondary characters! Will was absolutely amazing, he is the brother everybody wants. He is protective and funny. Also Simon was great, but he was not in the book as much as I would have liked. :(

All in all, the book was great and I can't wait for the sequel to come out!

*3.5 stars from me*