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Love Irresistibly (FBI/U.S. ATTORNEY)

Love Irresistibly (FBI/U.S. ATTORNEY) - Julie James My thoughts after finishing the book: I WANT MORE!!! The title says it all: you will love it IRRESISTIBLY!

I can't believe how PERFECT this book was. Well, actually I can believe. This is Julie James and her book we are talking about! I simply adore her and her writing style! Every single of her books is pure perfection. And LOVE IRRESISTIBLY was no exception! Okay, sorry for the rambling, but I just finished reading it and the experience is still fresh and intense.

It was so hard to say goodbye to these characters! Especially the two main heroes of this book, Brooke and Cade.
Cade Morgan, Chicago’s Assistant U.S. Attorney is working on a corruption case, in which he needs the assistance of Brooke Parker, who is the general counsel of a growing restaurant company in Chicago. And when these two met... Oh, Boy!!! Both of them are intelligent, smart, and hard working. Their sarcastic, witty banter made me laugh so hard!

“That is nice, Mr. Morgan. Because in response to your tough-guy speech, I, in turn, would’ve had to give you my tough-girl speech, about where, exactly, federal prosecutors who come to my office looking for assistance can stick their obstruction of justice threats.” She smiled ever-so-charmingly. “So I’m glad we were able to sidestep that whole ugly business. Whew.”

(Quote taken from the excerpt of Love Irresistibly. Read full excerpt on Julie's website here:

And of course the sparks are flying! Cade is absolutely swoon-worthy! The chemistry between him and Brooke is undeniable since the beginning. There are a few HOT scenes, so be prepared to swoon!

DON'T HESITATE! Pick up the series, and start reading!
Love Irresistibly is definitely my favorite book of the year so far!