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Before I Wake

Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent Fist of all: This is my very first book review EVER! Yep, you’ve heard right! I’m not English, so I always thought rather I’m not going to bore to death my friends here with reviews probably full of grammar mistakes xD But after I read Before I Wake… well, I don’t care anymore :DD This book definitely deserves a review!
I wasn’t familiar with Rachel’s works until a few months ago, when I got My Soul To Take as a gift. I read it in a day! And since that I can’t stop! I’ve read every single book from the series, the beautiful UK version copies have special place on my bookshelf!

Okay, to the book: IT WAS BRILLIANT! And I’m not exaggerating! After reading If I Die I thought it couldn’t get any better. And I was so wrong! This book has everything a book must have: amazing and interesting plot, characters to die for and a beautifully written storyline! While reading it was an emotional turmoil for me! I laughed, I cried, than melted and laughed again! I couldn’t put this book down! Even when I’m not English (and I read it in English) I read it in a day! I had to stay up at night! (yep, afterward I looked like a zombie, but who cares :D, it was so worth it!).

The story picks up where If I Die had finished. Kaylee dies (rather brutally), but come on: she is the main character, she can’t die, right? (Right? xD) Because of her bean sidhe nature she is needed even in afterlife, so she becomes an extractor (she recollects stolen souls). But afterlife isn’t that easy even when Kaylee got a new hottie boyfriend, Tod. Not just she has to do her job, she has to pretend to be the normal high school student and go to classes, fight new/old enemies every day, but she also has to deal with his (also hot) ex-boyfriend, Nash still holding grudges against her and desperately hoping to get her back. *sigh* In this book a lots of things happens! Funny things and really sad things as well.

Before I Wake will make you laugh…

…than the next minute crying hard…

...than cry a little more
cry hard

...and probably you’ll want to throw your reader to the floor and crush it a tiny bit (xD)…

But the most important thing is: you always will want to pick it up and read another chapter!

Toooooood! He is so sweet, hot and just the most amazing boyfriend ever! I wanted to reach into my phone and drag him out and hug him hard! Yep, he is that awesome! He and Kaylee are the perfect match! The chemistry between them is melting the biggest glaciers! That hot!

You probably already figured out (see my fan-girling a few lines above): I’m Team Tod all the way! But I love Nash a lot! He still has a secure place in my heart! I know he was the one who helped Kaylee in the beginning with everything and all my respect to him for it! But things got a little complicated, and well, he messed up! Big time! I still love him, but there’re certain things that’s hard to forget. And I think Kaylee found her other half in Tod. Like Ying-Yang! While reading, Nash annoyed me a few times! I kept shouting: “Just stop throwing tantrums like a four year old!” After a lot I’m-not-speaking-with-my-girfriend thief-brother moment I was extremely happy when by the end Kaylee and him started to reestablish their friendship!
There are a lots of characters in the book. I like Sabine more and more, Kaylee’s dad is like the best dad ever and there were moments when I was sorry for Sophie (I know shocking, right?!)

Favorite scenes:
It’s impossible to choose one! There are a lot!

Favorite quote:
Again a lot!
From Kaylee’s Dad: “It worries me when I can see body-shaped dents on your bed, but can’t see the bodies making them.” (LOL)

I’m not going to write more, you have to read the book! :D Like RIGHT NOW!

My rating:
Can I get one more star? 5 is just not enough!

Big hug for everyone for stucking with me and reading my silly review!